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Works well!

The moqutioaire works very well, a lot better than our dynatrap. Within the first 2 days it had caught about 30 mosquitoes! The bg-gat on the other hand doesnt seem to really work, each only has caught about 2 mosquitoes.

Hi Jay! Thank you! In comparison to the BG-Mosquitaire trap, BG-GAT Trap targets a different stage of the mosquitoes: Those mosquitoes that have already bitten and are now searching for a place to lay their eggs which are only a small percentage of those that are host-seeking. Therefore, the BG-GAT catches naturally less mosquitoes than the BG-Mosquitaire.
Works !

Top product ! Thanks

Thanks Nick. Enjoy your garden again with your family and friends =)

i never tough i will someday use the word magic for a mosquito trap, but when you get a inch of dead mosquitoes at the bottom of the filet, it's amazing !! will tell my neighbors about it, if we can fight together against mosquitoes!

Thanks Rachel. Enjoy your garden again with your family and friends =)
He fulfills his function.

After 5 days of use, I counted a hundred mosquitoes trapped, while it did not seem that there is a lot of over this period. Nice surprise.
The next 5 days about sixty with a less favorable time.
Excellent selectivity: more than 90% of trapped insects are mosquitoes (of various varieties).
Strong (unpleasant) odor of the attractant on the first days. The smell is now less strong but it does not seem to have significantly affected the efficiency (well, unless we consider that the mosquito population in my garden has increased (the mosquito period is coming)). I hope to break records in the coming days.
In short, it works! short ouf ouf: the price is not modest! (at least in the short term that I could experiment, but at worst it will be enough for me to recommend the attractant).
If all my neighbors could buy it, it would be perfect! In the meantime I will still keep my mosquito nets. Because even if mosquitoes seem to like the trap, when they have the choice, they prefer my legs ^^. I still keep the ambition to reduce their population (mosquitoes not neighbors;)

Super effective!

I bought this device a month ago being infested with tiger mosquito .. after a month it is fully operational .. you have to find the right place but I have already emptied the tray 5 times with each time without lying 200 mosquitoes in!

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