Who We Are 

Makers of extraordinary furniture.

Scale 1:1 is a contemporary furniture company committed to producing compelling and innovative products.

Made in the USA, Scale 1:1 products are designed, developed, and manufactured in Los Angeles.  We aim to produce furniture that stimulates creativity and encourages collaboration.  

Scale 1:1 Company History:  

Founded in January 2010 by Clara Reis, a workplace ergonomic specialist who recognized a gap between the traditional office environment, and the savvy minded of young professionals driving the modern economy.  Enter David Winston, architect founder of Cleanroom Design Lab then based in New York City.  Together, the duo hatched Scale 1:1 inc, offering furniture solutions for the contemporary collaborative workplace. In November 2019, Scale 1:1 was acquired by Los-Angeles based manufacturer, DeskMakers.

EYHOV SPORT Conference: 

All work and no play is never any fun. A table tennis session between budget meetings and executive briefings can loosen things up, with the added benefit of increasing productivity. A retractable ping-pong net, paddles, and ping-pong balls are included, so you’ll be game-ready (and work-ready). Game, set, and match.

Our Nomad Sport ping-pong conference table is a fun, three-in-one solution for any space. Equipped with a hinge and lock system to fold & roll on the go, power options, and a dry erase surface for keeping meeting notes and tracking scores, it puts the FUN in functional.

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