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It's definitely catching the Asian tiger mosquitos. Initially I had the intake pipe installed upside down, because that's the way it came in the package. The manual that came with it was for an older model, so that didn't address the spout installation. Even when it was upside down, it was still catching mosquitos though, I just couldn't figure out why the door kept closing. Once I installed the intake correctly, it worked fine. It survived one surprise thunderstorm with a heavy down pour, while I was at work. I try to move it to a sheltered location when I know it's going to rain.

It Really Works!

Great overall trap that targets the tigger mosquitos. Started catching mosquitos on the first day of set up. Set up was easy once I figured out that the intake I received was the new style intake with a shutter. The shutter closes when power is off or you temporarily lift / remove the intake/bag to view your catch for the day. Install the intake with shutter on the outside / on top; not inside and you will be good to go. Happy catching!

Hi Raul! Thank you! For the new manual: Take care free of mosquitoes :-)
Enjoying my yard again

I am very pleased with my new mosquito trap. It is working very well.

Biogents Mosquitaire

This device is more effective than using a backpack sprayer and professional chemicals. The dehydrated mosquitos are so small that they are hard to count but I would estimate that it catches about 50 mosquitos per day. It works better than the Arctic MKS system and costs less to operate.

Great mosquito trap and great customer service

The trap really works, at first I was having issues but Romaine from customer service was able to help me and I am now capturing those pesky tiger mosquitoes about 10+ a day

Thank you Pete!

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