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Tamanna Webber
this awesome indoor mosquito trap has been saving me

I was in such a panic when all of these mosquitoes invaded my house, but I found this awesome indoor mosquito trap that has been saving me! Not only does it keep the Asian Tiger mosquitos away from myself and loved ones - now I don't have to worry about them at home or outside.

Frederick Hopkins
I couldn't be happier after getting this

Ever since I got this indoor mosquito trap, we have been able to keep these pesky mosquitos away from our home(Especially the Asian Tiger mosquitos). It's perfect with the two traps I set up outdoors for a complete protection! This is such an excellent purchase that has actually made me feel safe in my own house again without having to worry about nasty mosquitoes being around every corner and window sill.

I couldn't be happier after getting this fantastic deal on an awesome product- it really does work wonders!

Rhiann Lake
solved our problems

I can't thank you enough for this indoor mosquito trap that works wonders! The mosquitos were so bad especially with the Asian Tiger variety, but now I'm at peace knowing my family is safe. This paired with an outdoor traps from the same store was perfect and solved our problems without these pesky bugs both indoors and out.

elad offer
Great customer service

The customer service from LuxBackyard was quick, responsive and helpful. Everything you'd hope from a store.

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