Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Biogents mosquito traps


What is the difference between the BG-Mosquitaire and the BG-Sentinel?

What is the difference between the BG-Mosquitaire, and the BG-Mosquitaire CO2?

Is it possible to upgrade BG-Mosquitaire (Without CO2) to a CO2 version?

How do I recognize a Tiger and a yellow fever Mosquito?

Trap operation

Where Is the best place for the trap?

My intake funnel have a flap and doesn't look like the one in my manual?

Where to find the latest manual for my BG-Mosquitaire trap?

Is the trap rainproof?

How many square feet do the trap cover?

When will the trap begin to be effective?

Can the traps also be used inside the house?

Is there a possibility to run the trap of battery or solar energy?

During which part of the year do I set up the trap, and how long can I leave it running?

How and when do I change the catch bag?

Where should I store the trap during winter?

How Safe Is the BG-Mosquitaire for my pets?

BG-Sweetscent – mosquito attractant

How long does the effectiveness of the human skin scent imitator last ? And how long it can be stored?

What role does the BG-Sweetscent play? What is particular about it?

How long the BG-Sweetscent last?

How do I change the BG-Sweetscent?

CO2 - Carbon Dioxide

Where can I get a gas cylinder?

Where can I get a CO2 bottle in the USA?

Is there a special gas tank you recommend? How ofter does it have to be change?

Is it possible to connect more than one trap to one gas cylinder? What accessory do I need?


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