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Cory Barker
Very sturdy, great looking surface

This table is awesome! Very sturdy, great looking surface. As soon as I had set it up my boys and neighbors tried it. Pun intended! they played for hours right into the evening hours in 45 degree weather. If you don't own this Table your kids, family and friends are not having a great time. :) Highly recommended!

Carolyn Larson
The product is high-quality

I was looking for the perfect present to give my father on his birthday and I found it. The product is high-quality, so I know they'll be able to enjoy this gift long after our celebrations are over!

David P.
We love this ping pong table.

My wife and I were a little nervous about it because we never played before, but now that the kids are getting home from school they play every day in our living room! It's such an awesome setup- you can't go wrong with this one.

We have been using it as a centerpiece for our living room.

My husband and I were so excited when we saw this ping pong table in the store. We had never played before, but once it was delivered to our home, we couldn’t stop playing! It looks great too--

every day feels like Saturday morning breakfast time again!

I thought it would be nice, but not something we’d really play with. But this game is so awesome and now every day feels like Saturday morning breakfast time again!
The only thing my family has been doing since they were given an unused ping-pong table at their house is playing games on it all day long! It's absolutely beautiful too; very high quality.

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