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Works great!

Getting a CO2 tank took some effort. The welding supply places I called wanted $200+ for a 20lb tank or they wanted a rental fee... but in the end I found the following website that sells one for $120 delivered: Once I received the tank, all the places I found (welding supply or beer keg sellers) just do a tank exchange for around $35 to $45. I caught 10 mosquitoes after my first 24 hours! I think Luxe Backyard should sell CO2 tanks to make the purchase easier.

Working great

Keep in mind, you need to purchase a CO2 tank. It cost me about $120 (20 lb. tank) at the local welding supply store. Should last all summer. Tank refills are about $15.

Great customer experience

Great customer experience

Thank you Tanya, my pleasure! Romain
Very Pleased

Once the proper place for the trap was established, the trap worked like a charm. The last three evenings produced over 1500 mosquitoes in the trap. It will be interesting to see how it performs as the temperatures continue to rise as summer approaches. I will be also adding the BG-GAT traps to my backyard to keep the perimeter under control. I recommend this product to anyone interested in mosquito control. Placement is key. Customer support is superior in helping you place your trap for best results. Good Luck!

What a great news! 1500 mosquitoes wow!... You really took the time to count them! Thanks for the feedback. Enjoy your garden ! =)
my new routine make me smile

Every single day, i go to my trap and look how many mosquitoes trapped ! that made me smile! I'm happy to finally enjoy being outside. thank to luxebackyard team who has shipped my order very quickly.

Thanks Rob. Enjoy your garden again with your family and friends =)

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