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Sleepout Curtain: Our mission is to make a positive impact on the environment

Sustainable design

Our products replace single-use solutions and are built to last for many years. Our packaging and design will always minimize waste. We only use high-quality, low-emission materials that are OEKO-TEX® and Greenguard® certified and we complete extensive lab testing to ensure our products are free of harmful substances.



Ethical manufacturing

We only partner with ethical, transparent factories that fairly compensate their workers. Our partners' third-party certifications include Sedex’s SMETA Certification (labour standards, health & safety, environmental care, business ethics), The ICTI Ethical Toy Program, and Intertek's BRC Global Consumer Product Standard.

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Tree planting

Reforestation is widely considered one of the best strategies to mitigate climate change. We partner with The Eden Reforestation Project to plant one tree for every Sleepout Curtain sold. 

The Eden Project uses native seeds or saplings from remnant forests for tree planting projects in Madagascar. Eden provides the planting work (paid) as a consistent income to local community members living in extreme poverty. The local communities own the trees once planted. To date, Sleepout has planted over 3,000 trees.



Northwest coastal regions

Mangrove restoration and reforestation projects give essential ecosystems stability against erosion and improve ocean and coral reef health


Ankarafantsika National Park

Planting tropical dry deciduous forest helps create and safe corridors for conservation of eight species of endangered lemurs


Northwest inland regions

Dry deciduous projects restore land and habitats devastated by slash and burn projects and protect against erosion and flooding.

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Dreaming big

Our mission is to help the environment by being a role model for other businesses. This mission is never a finished process. We know we have more work to do. We will continue to grow our environmental initiatives with our company, driving meaningful change in business more broadly. Here are some of the initiatives we are currently working on:

Electric vehicles

Bolt Logistics (our shipping partner) delivers our products using one of North America's largest fleets of electric vehicles.


Recycled materials

We are exploring and sourcing recycled materials for the Sleepout Curtain, as well as our future products.


Carbon removal

We purchase offsets for our production, flights, and ocean freight. We plan to expand this initiative to each product sold.

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