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How to Use Cold Therapy in Your Life in 5 Simple Ways

A plethora of wonderful advantages come with cold therapy. But mastering the techniques of cold treatment can be a little intimidating.

Thankfully, it's not difficult to use the cold's restorative properties. In fact, if you wish to incorporate cold treatment into your daily routine, we're here to support you.

The following section will go over 5 easy ways to include cold exposure training into your daily life. We'll go over several ways to practice cold therapy at home and give you some advice on how the Ice Barrel can make your life better.

1.Take a cold shower first

The simplest method to include cold exposure training into your daily routine is by having a cold shower.

It's crucial to remember that cold therapy involves a little bit more than merely standing in a really cold shower. Even while taking a 2- to 3-minute cold shower has several advantages, most people utilize cold showers as a form of contrast hydrotherapy.

Hydrotherapy that alternates between hot and cold water is known as contrast hydrotherapy. Try the following to practice contrast hydrotherapy in the shower:

  • for three minutes, unwind in the hot water
  • Spend one minute in the chilly water.
  • three or more times, repeat the procedure.
  • After your hydrotherapy session, rinse with cold water.

In the end, using contrast hydrotherapy at home can be a terrific approach to help you get acclimated to the cold.

2. Go Outdoors

Going outside as part of your cold therapy may be a fantastic idea if you want to spend more time in nature. In truth, the chilly temperatures you require to discover a cold therapy solution outside are frequently available during the winter.

Going for a lengthy walk or hike in your neighborhood park is perhaps the simplest method to take advantage of some of the advantages of cold weather for your health and wellbeing.

Alternately, if you're up for something a little more daring, you might think about including wild swimming into your practice. A great outdoor activity to begin cold therapy is a fast swim in a cool lake.

For those with specific medical issues, however, swimming in the outdoors can be dangerous. So make sure it's appropriate for you by speaking with your doctor.

3. Cryotherapy 

A very recent type of cold therapy is cryotherapy. The act of subjecting yourself to extreme cold (imagine -148oF/-100oC cold) for a short period of time is known as "cryotherapy" in its most basic form.

Cryotherapy is typically used to aid with recovery following a strenuous workout. Others use it to help them manage chronic pain or as part of a weight-loss plan.

Cryotherapy clinics are available in several major cities. Most of them provide membership packages, or you may frequently pay for a single session, which usually ranges in price from $40 to $75.

To make sure you don't have any health conditions that could be made worse by the cold, talk over your plans with your doctor before your first session if you decide to use cryotherapy.

4. Create a DIY Cold Tub

For many years, especially among sportsmen, cold therapy has been practiced in cold tubs.

The idea behind cold tubs is straightforward: You simply fill the tub with cold or freezing water and then soak for three to ten minutes. To get your body acclimated to the cold, you might need to start out slowly with 1 to 2 minute sessions.

You can frequently use your bathtub at home for cold tub therapy. In a pinch, another sort of container, such as a converted livestock tank, might also be used as a cool tub.


5. Contrast training with The Ice Barrel 

The Ice Barrel is the sixth and last cold therapy technique you should think about.

The Ice Barrel is a creative and distinctive method to include cold therapy into your daily routine. The Ice Barrel's barrel-like design, as its name suggests, enables you to sit straight and comfortably while receiving cold therapy. When you're ready to dive in, all you have to do is pack the Ice Barrel with ice and water before plunging in for a few minutes.

The Ice Barrel has a number of important advantages over a typical cold tub.

It is first and foremost tiny enough to be used in smaller houses and apartments without a bathtub. Additionally, the Ice Barrel was created to be both aesthetically pleasing and easy maintenance. It's a good option if you anticipate you'll want to incorporate cold treatment into your everyday routine because it's additionally significantly more cost-effective over time than cryotherapy.

Accept The Cold: Incorporate Cold Therapy Into Your Life

The use of cold treatment can be incorporated into your life in a variety of ways, in the end. Whatever approach you use, it's crucial that you pick one that fits into your daily routine. However, the Ice Barrel is difficult to beat if you're seeking for a quick and easy approach to recover and revive with cold therapy.

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