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Biogents Mosquito Trap Review - Everything you need to know

1. Introduction of the Biogents Mosquito Trap Review Wall of Fame

Welcome to our detailed dive into the world of mosquito control solutions. If you've been exploring options, you've likely come across the Biogents Mosquito Trap, a popular choice among customers seeking an effective way to keep these pesky insects at bay. But does it really live up to the hype? How well does it work in real-life situations, used by real people like you and me?

There's no better way to gauge the effectiveness and value of a product than by hearing from those who have already tried it. That's why we've compiled a comprehensive collection of our authentic customer reviews about the Biogents Mosquito Trap. This blog post, aptly titled 'Biogents Mosquito Trap Review', is dedicated to providing you with a clear and unbiased perspective based on actual user experiences.

Our goal is to help you make an informed decision about whether this product is the right fit for your needs. So, let's delve into the real-life testimonials of those who have used the Biogents Mosquito Trap and see what they have to say.

We've sold over 2 000 Biogents Mosquito trap over the past 5 years.

2. Overview of the Biogents Mosquito Trap

The Biogents Mosquito Trap is more than just an ordinary mosquito control solution. Designed with innovative technology, this product is built to offer superior performance in mosquito attraction and capture, giving you a more comfortable, mosquito-free environment.

The trap uses a unique combination of heat, CO2, and a patented attractant to mimic human scents, making it irresistibly alluring to mosquitoes. Its eco-friendly design ensures that it's safe to use around children and pets, and it only targets mosquitoes, leaving beneficial insects unharmed. Compact and easy to set up, it can be used in any outdoor setting – from your backyard to your camping site.

But the question remains: How effective is the Biogents Mosquito Trap in real-world scenarios? We understand that specifications and features only tell half the story. That's why we've gathered a range of reviews from customers who have put the Biogents Mosquito Trap to the test.

In this post, we will share these reviews, providing you with first-hand accounts of the product's performance. Whether you're considering purchasing a Biogents Mosquito Trap, or you're simply interested in learning more about it, these reviews will offer valuable insights into the product's strengths and potential shortcomings, straight from the experiences of those who have used it.

3. Compilation of Biogents Mosquito Trap Review

Ok, it's time to discover what our customers think of their Biogents Mosquito Trap

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Let's start with some Biogents Mosquito Trap Reviews


    1. MICHAEL WISNIEWSKI: "Longtime user of a Propane-based Mosquito trap which was very unreliable, but when it worked (rarely) it killed a lot of mosquitos and midges (no-see-ums). The BIOGENTS is equally effective AND works every time. Those who buy the BIOGENTS will want to couple it with the CO2 dispenser which significantly improves the BIOGENTS effectiveness. This will require the CO2 package and you purchasing a #20 pound CO2 tank at about $150-200 (which you keep and can refill for $30). One tank will last a lot longer than the propane tanks I used to use with the previous unreliable trap. I am extremely happy with the BIOGENTS trap with the CO2 dispenser."

    2. Sheryl B: "We were first introduced to this machine at a villa we rented in the Caribbean and it's crazy how well it worked! We had a short power outage while on the island which obviously turned off the machine. Within minutes, we were surrounded by mosquitos! Power came back on, machine turned on and the mosquitos magically disappeared. So I knew I had to have one for our home backyard. It wasn't easy to find (and nowhere to buy it in Canada) but I was able to pick it up over the border. It's been set up for a week now, and not ONE MOSQUITO!! Best product ever - thanks LuxeBackyard!"

    3. Tuyen huynh: "Can this trap stay in the rain outside of the backyard? My place is raining mostly every day here. The trap will not be affected by rainfall, yet a sheltered position has positive effects on the catch rate. Naturally sheltered positions are, for example, under trees or shrubs, or any other covered area. Even though heavy rainfall does not damage the trap, there are negative effects of it that might decrease the catch rate: Mosquitoes avoid rain, and prefer sheltered positions. Hence, in sheltered positions, the catch rate can be higher. Heavy rainfall might disrupt the airflow by clogging the pores of the cover. This causes a reduction in the suction power of the ventilator, and also a reduction of the catch rate. Therefore, ensure that the trap is sheltered from heavy rainfall."

    4. Diane Ayala: "Impressive machine! I need a second one for the back of my house."

    5. Kelly: "Bought a second one. Here’s a video of what I just found in this trap, in late October. It totally works."​

    6. Bryan: "Very pleased with how well this works. I've tried other traps that use UV light and a fan with a lure packet and they're effective...on moths. The Biogents trap is helping to control the Aedes mosquitoes that are plaguing So CA now. I'm using this with the CO2 supplementing the trap and am glad that my back yard is much more hospitable now that the flying vampires are being collected in the trap. I bought a couple of 20 lb CO2 tanks that I get filled at a local beverage supply"​

    7. Thomas Williams: "With much scepticism I decided to try the Biogen co2 mosquito trap because I was in search of a trap which you did not need chemicals. Although, it was somewhat of a hassle dealing with the Co2 tank, so far the trap is worth the money. Less than 24 hrs after setting it up it trapped approximately fifty mosquitoes. Each day I checked the trap there were one hundred or more trapped mosquitoes. I bought a couple more of the traps because I have a good size backyard"​

    8. Thomas Williams: "With much scepticism I decided to try the Biogen co2 mosquito trap because I was in search of a trap which you did not need chemicals. Although, it was somewhat of a hassle dealing with the Co2 tank, so far the trap is worth the money.


Luxebackyard Biogents co2 mosquito trap reviews

Analysis and Summary of Reviews

Here is our Analysis and summary of the reviews

Biogents Mosquitaire trap reviews : This trap received overwhelmingly positive reviews. Customers reported that it was highly effective in controlling mosquito populations, even for those species that were previously difficult to manage. Users also noted its effectiveness in various locations, from backyards to tropical locations. Some users also noted that pairing the trap with a CO2 dispenser significantly improved its effectiveness, although this required an additional investment in a CO2 tank. It's worth mentioning that the trap remains operational in the rain, but heavy rainfall might decrease the catch rate

5. Conclusion

When deciding on purchasing a product, especially something as crucial as a mosquito trap which can greatly affect your comfort and health, it's important to consider the experiences of others who have already used these products.

Customer reviews provide valuable insights that can help you make an informed decision. They often contain information about the product's performance, durability, ease of use, and any potential drawbacks that might not be immediately apparent from the product descriptions provided by manufacturers.

For instance, in the case of the mosquito traps we've discussed:

If you're looking for a trap that has been consistently effective against mosquitoes, you might be inclined towards the Biogents Mosquitaire CO2 Bundle. The overwhelmingly positive reviews indicate that it's capable of handling various species of mosquitoes and has been effective in various locations

Remember, the effectiveness of mosquito traps can be influenced by many factors, including the specific species of mosquitoes present, the local environment, and the weather. Thus, a trap that works well in one location or situation might not perform as well in another.

By considering the experiences of others, you can gain a better understanding of how these products might perform in your specific circumstances, which can help you make a more informed purchasing decision.

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We hope you've found these customer reviews informative and helpful in your decision-making process. If you've used the Biogents Mosquitaire CO2 Bundle, we encourage you to share your experiences with our community. Your insights can greatly help others who are considering these products.

If you're interested in these mosquito traps, we invite you to explore more about them on our website. Click here to learn more about the Biogents Mosquitaire CO2 Bundle and see if it's the right fit for your needs. Your detailed review and ratings can help our community make informed decisions and contribute to improving our product offerings.

Remember, your feedback is not just valuable to us—it can be a great help to others in our community as well. We appreciate your time and look forward to hearing about your experiences with our products.

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