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CNN: "We tried the Moon Pod to see if it’s worth the hype. It is, and it’s on sale"


Moon Pod takes the beanbags we loved as kids and teens and reimagines them into a sleek shape and aesthetic that’s perfect for grown-up homes. This being the self-care era, Moon Pod also claims to reduce stress (the founder created the Gravity Blanket too). You can pick up one of these therapeutic seats for 25% off.

You don’t need a code to save big on the deal — just add the Moon Pod in your preferred colorway to your cart, check out and then start counting down the days to delivery.

Moon Pod ($299, originally $399)

Moon Pod

The original Moon Pod comes filled with high-density beads that mimic flotation therapy, and it props up when you’re using it to support your back. You can choose from colors including navy, pink, turquoise, gray and black — they’re all marked down right now.

The Pod itself is more lightweight than your standard beanbag chair, according to Moon Pod, and takes up a relatively small 4 square feet of space versus a sprawling 10 square feet. Unlike a beanbag, which loses shape and kind of blobs out over time, Moon Pods are designed to last for years; you can even email customer service to top up on beads if you need to.

You also have the option to pair it with accessories like The Crescent (essentially a back and arm rest) or The Lunar Lift, a pouf to elevate your feet on for better circulation. The bundle of Pod and Crescent is marked down to $385.20 instead of $528 right now.

Super Moon Pod ($499, originally $675)

The Moon Pod, but sized for two to lounge on. It comes in black, navy or gray and is basically two regular pods sharing one cover.

The Crescent ($129, originally $169)

If you already have a Moon Pod, you can kit it out with a super-comfy arm and back cushion while you’re browsing Black Friday deals. Now $40 off and in colors to match your Pod, this U-shaped cushion supports your back and elbows while you stream Netflix or read.

The Lunar Lift ($129, originally $169)

This pouf elevates your feet for better circulation and is designed to match (and complement) your Pod chair. It also helps reduce swelling if you’ve been on your feet all day by elevating your feet to heart level, and it literally takes a load off by relieving all that tension and pressure you’re experiencing after a long one.







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