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Pool Types of games

Choose the billiard style you prefer: Blackball, eight-ball, carom or multi-game. Choose your favorite one !

Blackball :

J2 players with 16 balls with 50.8 mm diameter (1 white, 1 black, 7 red, 7 yellow). It is played on 6 foot tables.

Eight-ball :

15 colored balls and 1 white ball with 57.2 mm diameter. Officially played on 280 cm tables.

Carom :

Perhaps the most popular carom game today is three-cushion billiards, in which a player must use the cue ball to make contact with the other two balls on the table, contacting three rail cushions in the process. This is difficult enough that even the best players usually manage only one to two points per turn.

Snooker :

22 balls, 52.4 mm diameter (15 red, 6 colors, one white). It is played on 380 cm tables, and also on smaller tables for home versions.

Multi-games :

2 options: with cushions (all table sizes) or plugs.