RS Barcelona Ping Pong Tables

RS Barcelona Ping Pong Tables

They contain all the moments you can imagine.
A family dinner. A work meeting. And, of course, many and many ping pong matches.

RS Barcelona design ping-pong tables contain all the moments you can imagine. Whether you choose a standard size table or one of the versions suitable for small spaces, all our models offer full playability and versatility.

According to the experts at NASA, table tennis is one of the most comprehensive sports, a healthy addiction that stimulates the mind and exercises the body. Whatā€™s more, our ping pong tables also foster sport with family or friends, constituting one of the key elements of our intense living pledge: functionality. Theyā€™re convertible ping pong tables that also serve as dining tables, work desks, meeting tables or whatever use you choose to make of them, whether indoors or outdoors.

Become one of over 40 million ping-pong players in the world today. Play at home, at the office, or at the local sports bar. Anywhere is good for singles or doubles matches. Itā€™s all about sharing and enjoying time together.

RS Barcelona ping pong tables form part of its Stay Playful collection. These products are much more than designer items. Theyā€™re experiences. Theyā€™re unforgettable moments. Theyā€™re a way of understanding and approaching life that can be summed up in a single pledge:Ā intense living.