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Pack of 6 BG-Mosquitaire 2+1 Bundle for neighborhoods - Highly Effective Trap Against Host-Seeking Tiger Mosquitoes - Biogents

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Biogents - Presse release | Mosquito Trap


if you have arrived on this product page, it is because you have decided that it was time to take possession of your terrace or garden!

Mosquitoes are a disaster, it's no secret:
- they prevent you from taking full advantage of your outdoor spaces, forcing you to stay locked inside at certain times of the day!
- leave you horrible pimples, which itches you!
- they can transmit diseases! (believe me, I spent 6 days without eating, including 5 in a hospital because a mosquito had transmitted dengue ... not funny at all ... fortunately not in US).
- even your animals are annoyed by these tiny creatures thirsty of fresh blood!

Fortunately, after having tested many solutions, we finally found our happiness! A truly effective mosquito trap designed more than 17 years ago in Germany (all the technical details below and the scientific evidence in the appropriate tab)!

To put it simply, we use an imitation of artificial human odor designed to last up to two months, which is available in the trap, so by following the recommendations of his placement, and by doing different location tests, you will get impressive catching rates!

First of all, you need to know if you have Tiger Mosquitoes or other species?

This Trap is for Tiger mosquitoes only, if you want to catch every species of mosquitoes, please buy the CO2 trap HERE


Don't let the mosquitoes Trap You inside!

 A customer from Texas sent us the following video:

(After few days)

Another one in Iowa counted the mosquitoes trapped... and the trap get 1522 mosquitoes in 48H! True story, thanks Jud!

Jud trapped1522 mosquitoes in 48h with his BG-mosquitaire biogents


About the coverage area: The Standard trap (this one, without CO2) cover about 538 to 1 076 square feet and the CO2 Trap HERE  about 1 076 to 6 456 square feet.

There are many different criteria which have an influence on the catching rate such as mosquito population, breeding waters, resting places, coppice, climate, surroundings etc... you will find the case study here

At this time, you probably have already purchased your trap, if not, let me talk to you about the brand.


Biogents is an innovative company on the forefront of mosquito control research with an excellent reputation.

Their products have been proven in Europe for 18 years.
Biogents has decided in 2018 to sell their products to the Americans.
"Testing Biogents, means saying goodbye to mosquitoes!"

The trap provides 

  • high capture rates – over 300 scientific publications report using Biogents trap to collect tiger and yellow fever mosquitoes is very effective
  • specificity – traps mainly mosquitoes, not other insects such as butterflies, moths and beetles
  • natural compounds – uses only compounds that are also found on human skin

If the traps are correctly positioned and run continuously throughout the season, they will effectively decrease the mosquito population, and you can enjoy your patio again.

This Trap is for Tiger mosquitoes only, if you want to catch every species of mosquitoes, please buy the CO2 trap HERE

The BG-Mosquitaire comes as a bundle of two products, the trap, and the mosquito attractant:
Our high-catch-rate trap "BG-Mosquitaire" was specifically developed for use against Asian tiger mosquitoes (Aedes albopictus) and yellow fever mosquitoes (Aedes aegypti) which are both day-active, very aggressive biters, and potential vectors of diseases such as dengue fever, Zika and chikungunya. The trap targets those mosquitoes that are actively searching for a host to bite. In many scientific studies it has been shown that the trap catches significantly more tiger mosquitoes than other traps without carbon dioxide.


"Hello, my husband bought the BG unit that attracts Asian tiger mosquitos and it is working so well after 2 weeks, that I felt confident to post it on Facebook and [...] I believe in your cause and would love to see the broadcast spraying be banned.  Thank you!!"



 How many mosquitoes did the trap catch?

The placement of the mosquito trap is an important factor to ensure high catch rates.
Therefore, it is best to test different locations!

Positioning of Biogents mosquito trap against tiger mosquitoes, the BG-Mosquitaire


  • traps should be used outdoors
  • traps should be placed in shady, wind-protected and humid places, near resting sites of mosquitoes
  • do not place the trap close to the terrace/patio and not in direct sunlight!


For efficient and sustainable mosquito control it is necessary to

  • continuously operate the trap (24 hours a day for the entire mosquito season)
  • begin operating the trap early in the mosquito season

To reduce the mosquito population, it is important to start trapping early in the season. The trap should run continuously throughout the season to achieve best results.

To maximize the control effect, discard or empty all water-holding containers.


  • trap made of sturdy plastic
  • diameter 40 cm
  • does not require carbon dioxide, propane, butane, or other flammable gases
  • does mainly catch mosquitoes and not other insects like butterflies, bees or ladybugs
  • requires little care and maintenance
  • energy-saving: uses approximately 14.7 kilowatt hours of electricity if run continuously from 1 May to 30 September. At the average U.S. electricity cost of 12 cents per kilowatt hour, total cost to run the trap for the entire mosquito season is less than 2 dollars
  • safe – UL approved, water tight cable connections
  • high capture rates


12 x BG-GAT trap + 1 x sticky card set (20 cards per set):
12 x transparent chamber, 12 x black bucket, 12 x ring, 12 x barrier net, 12 x funnel, 12 x sticky card holder + 
6 x sticky card set with 20 sticky cards

6 x BG-Mosquitaire trap + 6 x BG-Sweetscent attractant:
6 x BG-Mosquitaire trap, 6 x catch bag, 6 x funnel net, 6 x power supply US unit (1 m cable; NEMA 1, AKA Type A, 12 V) +
6 x mosquito attractant BG-Sweetscent (lasts for up to two months).

Outdoor power supply specification:
AC Plug: NEMA 1 (=Type A) 100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz
DC plug: Biogents waterproof type II, 12 V DC
IP grade 68, outdoor suited

Placement of traps diminishes the local mosquito population when

  • correctly positioned
  • continuously operated (24 hours a day throughout the mosquito season)
  • operation begins early in the season

Examples of areas that can be protected by traps

  • backyards and gardens
  • outdoor cafés and restaurants
  • hotel outdoor areas
  • campgrounds
  • facilities for outdoor sports and recreation

Scientific studies on our traps

Images of publications

PDF List of studies with Biogents traps >

 PDF List of scientific publications of our researchers >

PDF  Overview over two studies (one in Italy and one in Brazil) using     Biogents traps as control tools >

The trap has been designed to simulate a human being. It features a patented combination of attractive visual signals, and a specially designed mix of artificial skin emanations ("BG Sweetscent" - effective for two months) that are released into the environment through an air plume that mimics convection currents created by a human body.

The BG-Mosquitaire attracts the mosquitoes and captures them with the help of a ventilator before they can reach the patio to bite you. If the trap is correctly positioned and runs continuously throughout the season, it will effectively decrease the mosquito population, and you can enjoy your patio again.
Download & Information 

Youtube video about the assembly of the BG-Mosquitaire (English) >
Youtube video de la construcción de la BG-Mosquitaire (Spanish) >

Manuals and flyers
pdf Manual for the BG-Mosquitaire trap (Updated)>
pdf More information on positioning the trap (English)>

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What's the difference between BG-Mosquitaire and BG-Sentinel?

There is no difference concerning the catching rate, but only in the construction. They use the same patented technology and the same electrical components. The BG-Sentinel is our original trap that is designed for scientists and researchers to monitor mosquito populations. It is made out of a light and easily transportable material. The BG-Mosquitaire is designed for Home & Office backyard, patio & terrace.

What's the difference between BG-Mosquitaire and BG-Mosquitaire CO2?

The BG-Mosquitaire (without CO2) only catch tiger mosquitoes (Aedes albopictus, Aedes aegypti). The CO2 versions attract all kinds of species (e.g., Culex). The CO2 version provide a higher catching rate regarding tiger mosquitoes too.

Look at our FAQ Frequently Asked Questions page too: 

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