Refer a Neighbor

Refer a neighbor or friend and benefit twice:

1. Earn Points to save on your next purchase.

2. Expand your zone of control: Neighborhood studies have shown that increasing the density of traps increases the level of control achieved.  

How does it work?

A) When you refer a friend or a neighbor

When you refer a friend or neighbor, they get a 10% discount when they purchase a BG-Mosquitaire, a BG-Mosquitaire CO2, or a 2+1 bundle. You earn 500 Points  good for $5 off your next purchase.

How to start:

1. Register in “Rewards“: Click on the  “Rewards“ (button at the right bottom corner), and the BG-Club panel opens. Click on “Join now“ and register.


 2. When you want to refer a neighbor or friend: Log into the webshop, and in the Refer a Neigbor panel a URL will be shown that you can send to a friend or neighbor via e-mail, facebook, or twitter:

3. Earn LB-Bucks: After your neighbor has purchased a BG-Mosquitaire, a BG-Mosquitaire CO2, or a 2+1 bundle, you get 500 BG-Bucks good for $5 off you next order. You will be informed about this via e-mail. You can also track the status of your BG-Bucks in the BG-Club panel.


4. Redeem LB-Bucks: In the Refer a Neighbor panel, you can redeem your BG-Bucks. A discount code for $5 is directly displayed and also sent to you via e-mail. You can redeem the $5 the during checkout process of your next order by entering the discount code shown on the reward page. 


B) For the neighbor who is referred: 

1. You will receive an e-mail offering you a discount 10% for ordering a BG-Mosquitaire, a BG-Mosquitaire CO2, or a 2+1 bundle. To use your discount follow the link in the email.

2. Get your discount code: TheLuxebackard website will open, and the refer a Neighbor panel will appear on the left side. Follow the instructions: Enter your e-mail address and press "Claim your gift". A discount code will be displayed. Use it directly to order. Additionally, the discount code will also be sent to you via e-mail. 


2. Get your discount: Enter the discount code during the checkout process, press apply, and the discounted price will be shown.


3. You earned already LB-Bucks! By signing in you have already earned 600 LB-Bucks. With every new order you will earn additional LB-Bucks. Or for example, refer another neighbor! Once you have collected 1000 LB-Bucks, you can redeem $10 on your next order or continue to save for bigger discounts



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