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Our mission at Luxebackyard is to select Modern Home and Office Furniture, Gaming Tables, and Outdoor products from around the world to serve and giving you great customer service.

Creating moments full of life, laughs with your family, friends, coworkers.

Connecting with people, making simple moment become a lasting memory.

So here we are, sharing with you our love for special products made by passionate people.

Having a long experience in Hospitality, we were always searching for the special commodity to entertain our guests, a special item that would surprise them so their experience would feel unique. The goal was to make a once in a lifetime stay so they would spread the word back home. The cherry on the top of the cake was when guests connected with other guests they knew nothing about the day before and yet new friends were made.

In this search for the perfect products, we discovered unique craftsman firepits, completely customizable table games,...

We realized these items were like secret gems yet it should be accessible to people who like to indulge themselves.

Imagine how you will feel playing a foosball game with your family on a Sunday morning? Right he? Great family time for sure. Now,  you’re working in this special company and your teammates get you for the 11:00 pool break!  Do you get that feeling of belonging and grateful for this inspiring environment? Of course, you do! You feel special.

What about roasting some marshmallows with the kids around a beautiful fire pit, made with love by a passionate Tennessee craftsman? I am sure you did feel the smell and get that crisp and soft roasted marshmallow's taste in your mouth ;-)

This is why we offer products to gather people around and create moments thanks to the best backyard entertainment from unique fire pits, game tables to clean energy BBQ.

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Enjoy being out in Style!

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Luxebackyard is an American company based in Carson City, NEVADA.