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Great product

Works great, cooks pretty fast, even in low sun, easy to clean. I was able to cook bread, eggs, hotdogs, etc. Just wish I had a family size. This is only large enough to cook for about 3 people.. It was very simple to setup and easy cleanup. It took all of 5 minutes to clean and fold up and put in a nice carrying case. This would be ideal for hiking to camp as it is very lightweight.
Thanks Luxebackyard !! I highly recommend them ! Fast shipping and product with no damages.

it works !

We love to bring this on picnics and make fresh chocolate chip cookies! Cooks almost as fast as a regular oven and no heating up the house.
We used it on a two week camping trip last spring and used it everyday to make bean & cheese burritos with roasted peppers, falafel, hard 'boiled' eggs, and more!
In summary it really is a great idea that actually works as described, it's designed and made well and should last a long time if cared for and not abused.

I forgot!

I cooked a bunch of chicken legs in my gosun, and forgot about it. Thank god it wasn't my bar be que or regular stove, or I might have done some real damage.
Anyway at 10 PM at night, I remembered my chicken and ran outside to the oven. To my surprise, as I opened the tray, a warm waft of air and beautiful smell of chicken came out.
I took a bite and I couldn't believe it. I tasted the best, juiciest still warm chicken I have ever tasted! I don't recommend forgetting about your dinner like I did, but when they say it keeps on cooking even after the sun goes down they mean it! Also I don't know any other oven that wouldn't dry out the chicken after 5 hours of cooking!


I love to cook and eat good food, and the goSun will cook anything--and somehow it makes the food taste better!
I have cooked veggies, sausages, potatoes, chicken and fish. I now cook in front of my store and sell the ovens!
I love to watch my customers faces when steam is coming out of the oven even on a cloudy day on the dock.
Can I give it 6 stars? Highly, highly recommended!

Perfect Stove

I bought this stove with one purpose in mind, cooking at high altitude. I've tried small butane stoves at 13,000 ft when trail riding in Colorado but can't get them to light. The GoSun is the perfect answer for that. With no open flame, altitude doesn't matter. The Sport Pro Pack works excellent for us. The padded case is well made & stores perfectly in the overhead rack of our RZR. We'll set it up & let it cook while we pan for gold or look for wildlife to photograph. Having the extra cooking tray is great because our favorite food to cook in it is shrimp brochette. The shrimp take up a lot of room in the tray so we can't fit more than 6-8 at a time which makes having the second tray already loaded very handy. I remove the fat out of the bottom of the tray with a turkey baster three to four times while they are cooking to keep them from drowning in fat. Cooking the shrimp on the GoSun keeps them far more moist than on a conventional grill. The flavor is unbelievable! If I broke it today, I would have another one ordered by tomorrow.

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