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Mustafa Arnold
ended my mosquito worries

Even though I'm usually not bothered by mosquitos, they've been a real nuisance this year. My yard was an especially dangerous place to be as the mosquitoes would swarm me and bite every inch of exposed skin. The Mosquitaire trap ended my mosquito worries in just 2-3 months! It quickly drew them away from me so that even when I did get bit it wasn't for long periods like before - thanks you guys!

Ricky Wall
not a single mosquito could get near me

The Mosquitaire is the wonder that re-claimed my yard and not a single mosquito could get near me. My previous trap caught some as well, but they didn't have much effect like this one did!

Sabiha Paterson
their numbers were noticeably reduced

So many mosquitos! It was hard for me to enjoy my yard until I installed the BG-Mosquitaire traps. The mosquito population in my area is particularly high because it's so humid here, but after installing these three effective devices around my property I found that though they still came by occasionally, their numbers were noticeably reduced.

Eva E
Highly effective

We live next to a creek and in the summer it is unbearable being outside because of the sheer amount of mosquitoes. We had a company come and spray our yard every 2 weeks last year but still we had lots of mosquitoes bothering us. So I thought I'd try these traps instead. So far I am super impressed. Especially the Mosquitaire caught so many mosquitoes already and makes it pleasant being outside. No mosquito bite this far. Will be ordering more traps to cover our full yard.

Lindsay Combs
The Mosquitaire did its job

I used to get bites while just trying to walk up the stairs, and would spend hours fighting them off. After I installed all three traps, my yard was mine again! It really seemed like The Mosquitaire did its job in drawing those mosquitoes away from me.