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Thomas Williams
Satisfied customer

With much scepticism I decided to try the Biogen co2 mosquito trap because I was in search of a trap which you did not need chemicals. Although, it was somewhat of a hassle dealing with the Co2 tank, so far the trap is worth the money. Less than 24 hrs after setting it up it trapped approximately fifty mosquitoes. Each day I checked the trap there were one hundred or more trapped mosquitoes. I bought a couple more of the traps because i have a good size backyard. I only recommend the trap with co2, the others don't work as well.

Actually works!

I've tried several fan traps and they all seem to catch lots of moths and other harmless bugs but no mosquitoes. With this trap (including the CO2 attachment) I'm catching probably 10-20 of our Washington DC mosquitoes per day. This is during September; I imagine that during Summer the catch rate will be higher. What remains to be seen is whether this catch rate is enough to noticeably reduce our mosquito population over time. After just a couple of weeks it hasn't made any difference, but I suppose the idea is that it takes a couple of months to make a dent.

The trap is easy to set up and is thoughtfully designed with things like a spare catch net.

A 20 pound CO2 tank costs about $30 to refill, which will get a little expensive over time. However assuming the trap solves our mosquito problem that's still cheaper than having our yard sprayed every month, which hasn't worked anyway.

Overall based on my first couple of weeks with it I'm optimistic about this trap.

Jason A
The Most Effective Mosquito Trap money can buy

I've been researching Mosquito solutions for the past 2 years, since we moved to our new house Westcheter county, NY. Our kids get eaten alive during the summer, especially by the daytime biting asian tiger mosquito. I started off very much an amateur, purchasing cheaper traps, zappers, and commercial spraying. None of these were effective. I then started investigating more expensive solutions, such as the Mosquito Magnet and SkeeterVac, and different attractants like Octenol. I came across Biogents while reading a field study of the effectiveness of different traps. Soon I realized, there are published study after study indicating the BG-Mosquitaire outperformed all other traps, and the BG Sweetscent outperformed all other attractants. I finally bit the bullet and forked over the cash, and I've never been so happy. I caught 500 mosquito in the first week (which is alot for our suburban property), and another 500 the next week. I look forward to going outside every night around 9pm and checking my catch. Be sure to get the C02 as it increases your catch 5x. Set the C02 level high; 1.5 bars. I bought the Biogents C02 timer so I don't waste it overnight or during the hot daylight hours. Again, I couldn't be happier, and I couldn't recommend Biogents trap and attractant more.

Chuck V
Had serious doubts, but it is incredible!

I live outside Dallas TX. Our property is surrounded by a large nature preserve with creeks, ponds and wetlands. Consequently, we have a serious mosquito problem. Sitting outside in late afternoon to night was impossible. Even almost completely submerged in the pool, we were constantly bothered by mosquitos. We really didn't want to spray because of the nature preserve. My son told me about the Biogents CO2 trap. I had serious doubts, but decided to give it a try. WOW. I'm very impressed. After the first few days, the "catch count" has gone down, but the control is amazing. Neither my wife nor I have had a single bite since we started using the trap. We can now enjoy our yard, pool and nature in the afternoon, evening and even night swims without mosquitos! Yes, it is expensive. Yes CO2 can be a bit of a pain to deal with (our local beer store does do tank swaps - actually for less than getting "fills" at the fire extinguisher company). These factors are minor compared to a MOSQUITO-FREE yard and pool. Highly recommend the Biogens CO2 trap!

Kelly Dick
Great product

It works!