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Tuyen huynh
Can this trap stay in the rain 🌧 outside of backyar. My place is raining mostly everyday here.


The trap will not be affected by rainfall, yet a sheltered position has positive effects on the catch rate. Naturally sheltered positions are, for example, under trees or shrubs, or any other covered area.

Even though heavy rainfall does not damage the trap, there are negative effects of it that might decrease the catch rate:

Mosquitoes avoid rain, and prefer sheltered positions. Hence, in sheltered positions the catch rate can be higher.

Heavy rainfall might disrupt the airflow by clogging the pores of the cover. This causes a reduction in the suction power of the ventilator, and also a reduction of the catch rate. Therefore, ensure that the trap is sheltered from heavy rainfall.

Diane Collins
killing machine !

Impressive machine!
I need a second one for the back of my house.

Bought a second one.

Here’s a video of what I just found in this trap, in late October. It totally works. (Apologies, my neighbor was running a leaf blower. )

Keegan Showers
Mosquito killer!

I bought this trap 2 weeks ago and I've just made a video to show how the bag is full of these little suckers! Definitely a trap I recommend.

Dawn H
So far, GREAT!

In a week, hundreds of dead mosquitoes in the bag! I sat on the porch and didn't get bit once. I'm very pleased!